Relaxed Performances

At Immersive Van Gogh and Blumenthal Performing Arts we believe that art is for everyone and that everyone deserves to enjoy art in their own way! Our Relaxed Performances are open (July 13th 10am and August 3rd 10am), welcoming, and accessible to all that want to experience the excitement of Immersive Van Gogh in a comfortable and low-key style. Relaxed Performances will have slight adaptations to the experience to offer anyone, including those with autism and developmental, sensory, or communication differences, a way to engage with the show in whatever way feels good to them.

When attending a Relaxed Performance, you can expect:
• A lower volume on the music, which accompanies the video display
• Spaces right outside of the gallery that is free from video and loud sounds if you need a break
• Quiet areas with sensory bins, tactile opportunities, and books
• Professional teaching staff on hand to gently assist with wandering, defensive or quiet friends
• A judgment-free “no shushing” experience where you’re free to roam, talk, laugh, touch the walls, lay on the floor and otherwise engage freely with the work at your comfort level!

Relaxed performances are 60 minutes in length, typically occurring from 10:00-11:00 am on select dates.

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